Sunday, November 01, 2009

Turkey From Hell

I found this while going through some old drawings and felt it was appropriate for a post Halloween, pre Thanksgiving post. Apparently this is what happens when I get hold of an old cookbook and given a free afternoon. I also find the caption to be oddly fitting.


Bob Flynn said...

Weird...what's a groaning board?

What would be great, is so see someone slicing through the turkey with all the faces reacting.

Fun idea, David.

David Martingale said...

Hah! I love it!

Jason Curtis said...

That's one terrifying turkey.

Fun stuff David!

David DeGrand said...

Thanks a lot guys! You are all TOO kind ;)

Hey Bob, I have no clue what a groaning board is, but it sounds awesome! I like your idea a lot, I still have this cookbook so I may have to deface more pages!

Thanks David!

Hey Jason, thanks man!

Jason Curtis said...

Judging from the pain and misery on these faces, I can only assume that this turkey is entirely dark meat.

Get it? Dark

Oh man, I crack myself up.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!! NASTY!! I LOVE IT!!!! This is so gosh darn wonderful!