Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the sketchbook returns!

Finally got around to scanning more doodles. Just more random crap from the depths of my brain, a scary place to visit I've been told.
The dude on the far right may be the most disturbing thing I've ever drawn, maybe.

Trees and trunks.

Something about Santa on a page with zombies makes me laugh.

Another Photoshoped drawing I did to experiment with color, I think this one turned out better than the last two.
And don't forget, if you want some free stickers please e-mail me at mdaviddegrand@gmail.com. They're FREE people!! Bye for now!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

STUCK on you!

Howdy folks! In my ongoing quest to plaster my name and idiot images onto every surface I can find, I offer my brand new DeGrandLand.com sticker! They are free for the asking, just drop me a line at mdaviddegrand@gmail.com with your shipping address (don't worry, I'm not a serial killer) and I'll get one out to you. If there are any other artists out there with stickers that want to trade then by all means let me know, I will plaster your image in the highest travelled area in Fort Worth, Texas (or wherever is most convenient at the time). I also have plenty of my old sticker left (below) that I will throw in as well, as long as you promise to stick it in an obnoxious place that will irritate at least one guy that wears a tie to work everyday!