Tuesday, April 08, 2008

more doodles and some actual finished art!!

A couple of fresh pages for you awesome people that check out my stupid scribbles. Started working with a brush in these pages, lots of fun and I hope to get better at inking.
Don't even ask about the man in the bra, I have no answer.

These two finished pieces are for an art show based on Saturday morning cartoons. I was a complete Ghostbuster nut as a kid so I did this watercolor of the boys chasing an oblivious Casper who thinks he's found some friends. Poor ol' Casper!
I also loved Inspector Gadget so I did this one of him using some rather violent gadgets on a burgler. If these pieces don't sell at the show them look for the on my website at http://www.degrandland.com/, I'll make them available to purchase then. Thanks everyone!