Wednesday, March 04, 2009

silly sketchbookery

Well folks, this could be the last post for a while as my wife and I will be moving out of our tiny apartment and into our first house here in the next few weeks. I tried to cram as many drawings as possible into these pages so there will be plenty to look at in my absence.

My attempt at drawing donut head Homer on the bottom of the left page was a miserable failure, so I just stuck with the usual ugly sweaty people for the rest of the pages.

I promise that's not a KKK member on the left page, just an idiot in a conical hat. I swear!

I think this started as another exercise in how many different faces I could come up with and evolved into this monstrosity that will surely devour us all. And yes, I believe that is a Devo hat the fellow on the top of the right page is wearing.

And how about a little gore to finish! I really want to say thanks to all the cool people that regularly check out my blog and leave nice comments, you are all really great artists and it's been a pleasure exchanging words. Anyone that requested a sticker start looking in your mailbox as they are on their way! Hope to be back soon, now on to the boxes, ugh.