Tuesday, September 01, 2009

doodles & stuff

Well after ANOTHER long delay I finally managed to fill up my latest sketchbook and start on another, I'm getting a sizeable collection at this point. I've also been busy with completing some drawings for 2 upcoming art shows I'm involved with, as well as a top secret project I can't really talk about just yet. All I'll say is that my obsession with Jim Henson has proved helpful ;0)
After watching the awesome "Inglourious Basterds" I was inspired to draw Hitler, who I think we can all agree already looks like a stupid cartoon character.

Not sure what my latest obsession with ghosts and robots is all about, but hey, I guess I'll just go with it! At least they're sweaty.

I decided to share a couple of pieces that will be featured in the previously mentioned art shows. These pieces were inspired by, well, not really sure to be honest. Let's just say they're bold statements about social class differences in our current economic climate.

I will be sure and post more info about the art shows shortly, both of these pieces are for sale so get the credit card ready! Bye for now, thanks folks!