Wednesday, July 22, 2009

latest cartoon idiocy

Well well well, after quite a long break I finally got around to posting more sketchbook pages, sorry about the long hiatus! I bought one of those fancy pocket brush pens that the awesome Bob Flynn blogged about and have had a blast using it. Most of these new pages have drawings using this pen, some better than others as I tried to get used to it.

I guess when you want to yell but don't know what to yell, just yell YELL!

I just noticed that on the rare occasion I draw a happy character, the character looks insane. Whatever.

I seriously have no idea what that monstrosity os on the top left of the page, but it really weirds me out.

Once again, thanks to all the really cool folks that stop by my silly little corner of the internets, I promise to post more frequently! See ya!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

ghost arcade

Since I haven't really doodled much in my sketchbook lately I thought I would post this nonsenical finished drawing. I'll leave it up to you folks to tell me what it's about, since I have no clue.