Sunday, November 15, 2009

latest doodles

More sketchbookery shenanigans. I recently bought the Fletcher Hanks collection "You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation" so the weird muscle dude on the right page was inspired by Stardust. That is seriously one twisted and awesome book, highly recommended! I also posted a new cartoon ever on the Heeby Jeeby blog, so go check it out NOW!!!! Thanks folks!


Jason Curtis said...

Man oh man, what an ugly cast of characters! The funny thing is, I actually mean that as a compliment David. I just love all these odd looking fellows.

Great stuff, as usual sir.

Your latest Heeby Jeeby cartoon is awesome...but it gave me the heeby jeebies! I have a doodle in my sketchbook that is almost identical in terms of the monster in the ground concept (about to shallow up an unsuspecting victim). Of course, yours looks much better though!

WIL BRANCA said...

Another great collection of weirdness!

David DeGrand said...

Thanks Jason! I think the monster in the ground idea has been done quite a bit before, Gahan Wilson practically made a career out of it. And I totally took your comment about my ugly guys as a compliment, ugly is way more fun to look at than perty!

Hey Wil, thanks for stopping by! Always cool to hear from you.

Paul Karasik said...

Thanks for the kind words about my Fletcher Hanks book. The first volume, "I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets" won an Eisner Award and is available dirt cheap at Amazon.

Those unfamiliar with the work by the man whom R.Crumb called "A twisted dude", might slide over to the BONUS page of my website for a full length story:

David DeGrand said...

Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by! I really wish Fletcher Hanks had done enough work to fill 100 volumes, I love it! Really great work on your part and thanks for bringing his work to light.

kamagra said...

I love your creepy creations, why you don't post more?