Saturday, February 24, 2007

after a painfully long wait....more sketches

After messing around with the colored pencils some more, I've discovered that I really like the terra cotta color. It makes the drawings have that old photo look, check out the guy with the bow tie on the right page to see what I mean.
I'm thinking about making the little guy on the bottom left a painting, not really sure what he is but it could be interesting. The devil guys and the monsters on the right page were from a Taschen book about devils, those Renaissance fellers came up with some disturbing imagery!
Copying some old advertising characters and trying out some designs for some figurines I want to make. I bought a bunch of old Fisher Price little kid toys with the big round heads and cylindrical bodies and decided to repaint them with my own characters. If I ever get some done I'll post pictures.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The page on the left is me trying to draw Popeye (again!) as well as some awesome Joost Swarte characters. I'm still working with the colored pencils, I really have to be in the mood for them otherwise they're quite a chore.
I think I drew these pages after watching some Fleischer cartoons, which I've discovered to be a healthy alternative to illegal narcotics.
Not really sure what this idiot is saying "Whoa" about, but apparently the other characters don't give a crap.

I really want to thank everyone that's left me positive feedback on these stupid sketchbook pages. Nice to know there's a few cool people out there that don't mind a little random weirdness every now and then.