Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Beginning of the End!!

Man it's been too long since my last post, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! These pages mark the last few pages remaining in this sketchbook that I started in August of 2007. Since then I have posted almost every single page from the book, for some reason. I sincerely appreciate all the awesome people that have left comments and that still check out this blog, it's really reassuring to know SOMEONE out there digs my art.

I can see now why it takes me so long to finish a sketchbook, I just can't bear to leave a single empty square inch on any page. A sign of insanity I'm sure.

If there's one article of clothing that needs to come back in style, it's the top hat. And the bow tie.

Last but not least, I would like to point everyone to this radio interview I did this past weekend: Although I was on the whole three hours, you can hear me talking a little about my artwork on episode 495.1. A big thanks to Scott Hinze and everyone at Fanboy Radio for inviting me on and letting me ramble. Look for some new pages soon, and maybe a finished piece or two!