Thursday, January 22, 2009

a couple o' drawrings

Here are a few ink drawings I scanned and threw some Photoshop color onto. I think these could make cool t-shirt designs perhaps. I'll probably tweak the colors more before calling these done, just wanted to post something different than the usual crowded sketchbook pages.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

last pages and a new book!!

This spread and the page below mark the very last pages of my old Moleskine sketchbook. I've been trying to branch out lately and draw things other than drippy trees and ugly people, but with this page I obviously failed. At least there's a cute cloud, that's a slight departure.

Charlie Brown is really tough to draw correctly, which I why I didn't even try and drew him in my own way. Take THAT Charles Schulz! More ugliness to close out this sketchbook, which leads us directly to....

The custom cover I did for my brand new sketchbook! I know, I know, more sweaty ugly people and the head of a cadaver. I guess I'll just stick to my own niche I've created for myself.

I'm determined to cover every square blank inch of this book, so I started with the front inside cover. The elephant is already disturbed by what is to come, as well he should be.

Here we have quite the assortment of rotund gentlemen. Most of these guys came from me observing people at a shopping mall over the holidays, I tried to remember the most miserable looking men I could and then drew them from memory. It was quite fun until I grew tired of the holiday music and glut of obnoxious shoppers asking if I did caricatures.

With this page I realized that I apparently can't draw a character without making his mouth with either a creepy smile or horrified frown. I'll try and branch out to close mouthed characters in the future.
Barf+sweat+stubble=hilarity. This is why I failed math in school.

I also wanted to use this post to point out several blogs I've been following that I feel are worth sharing, these dudes are awesome artists and are a huge inspiration for me:

Thanks for looking at my doodles, I hope they have made your life better.