Saturday, September 20, 2008

Art Show!!

I'm more than late in posting this, but anyone reading this blog that lives in the Dallas area should come by the Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum and check out this show I'm in: Here are a few pieces that I'm showing, some still available for purchase (hint hint).

The other artists in the show are top notch, I feel really priviledged to be in the same gallery with them, check them out:

Ryan Thies

Miguel Aguilar

Tyson Summers

The show will be up until the 27th of this month, so make haste!

Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 7:00-10:00 pm and by appointment-214 573-7622. Frank Campagna, the Artistic Director, is a really awesome guy and I would love for as many people that can to go by the gallery. They have a ton of great shows that people should really go check out.
More sketchbook pages coming soon, thanks!