Wednesday, October 28, 2009

doodley doo!

Howdy folks! I've been happily swamped with cartooning assignments and commisions the past few weeks, but sadly have let the blog go dormant yet again. But finally got around to scanning more sketchbook pages, huzzah!
The page on the left has character designs for my 24 Hour Comic I posted last, and the page on the right has designs for a character that will soon appear in something I can't discuss just yet. But soon!

The sweaty bearded dude on the left page is partially inspired by a cartoonist friend of mine. If he's reading this blog, he knows who he is. Hopefully everyone has an awesome Halloween, and look for a cool announcement soon!

1 comment:

Jason Curtis said...

Awesome David!

I just decided to take a procrastination break, and this post happily distracted me. As usual, I love your style and creativity.

I'm looking forward to hearing the cool announcement!