Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Enough with the trees!!

I don't know what my fascination is with drawing trees and wooden people, could be some sort of deep hidden psychological something or other.
See what I mean?!?! Anyway, these pages contain character designs for a comic story I'm working on with a friend of mine. More on this in future posts. I think the guy on the top of the right page with a cylinder head and stuff dripping out of it needs to be turned into a vinyl toy, anyone agree?


Jazzy Justin said...

That would definitely make a good vinyl toy. You should have your own collection!

The hilarious thing about the wood/tree people is that you often have nails stuck all over them! So sick! I'd love to uncover the subconcious meaning there!

...and I'm curious to see the comic you've got cookin'

David DeGrand said...

Hey thanks Justin! The comic won't be completed until July (it's long), but I will definately post the artwork from it whenever I can get it done. As for the wooden people with nails in them, I think I've concluded that they're just fun to draw!

Alina Chau said...

THese pages ROCK!

Jazzy Justin said...

Thanks for the words, Dave.