Friday, April 13, 2007

latest stupidity

More snowmen, more globby stuff, more of the same weird critters. Being from Texas the cowboy in the top page was fun to draw, I copied him from an old children's book.


Jazzy Justin said...

I have four questions:

1. Is that mask tied to a piece of fried chicken?

2. Who beat up the elephant?

3. What the hell is Mickey up to?

4. Can I be your biggest fan? Your doodles ALWAYS crack me up. You are a goldmine of lunacy! I love it!

David DeGrand said...

Justin, you're the best! To answer your questions:

1. don't know
2. not sure
3. Mickey is simply trying to help the poor fellow with a stubborn bowel movement (he's always there for the underdog)!
4. You are officially my biggest fan, and since you're such a kick ass artist yourself I feel honored to give you that distinction, thanks man!

mar said...

Weeee, new post!
Most of the characters seem very happy, but the expression of the man floating below the cowboy caught my eye. I look like that very often... although sadly I don´t float

David DeGrand said...

Hey Mar, thanks for the comment! I probably make the sad face more often than not myself, I try to draw happy people to make up for it!

Jazzy Justin said...

You are the kindest commentor, my friend! Thanks for commiserating with me over lame conceptual art. And thanks for the Betty enthusiasm! My client on the Betty project is proposing to use the art for merchandise... so there may be posters after all!

Keep those drawings coming!