Thursday, April 15, 2010

Game Boy

I found an old Nintendo Game Boy system at a flea market awhile back and bought it for $1. Today I found it and decided to create my own "cartoon" screen of my favorite game of all time. This is what happens when I have time off and nothing better to do.


Jason Curtis said...

A limited edition DeGrand Game Boy!

This would be a hot item on eBay.

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Gina said...

That is so clever and cool!

Craig Collins said...

Wow! This takes me back - to 1992 to be precise. Excellent idea David, I loved my Gameboy, so this is a real treat!

It turns out we're in the same anthology - I loved your strips in Yuck! #3, casually callous and gross! And here I go to look you up on the internet and you have all sorts of awesome stuff across a variety of sites. I've been enjoying looking through your archive of amazing art and bizarro gags!

Well, I'm gonna have the Tetris tune stuck in my head for the next 8 years, so thanks for that.

David DeGrand said...

Hey Craig! Thanks for the really kind words, much appreciated! Yeah I defend the Game Boy as the best video game system ever, with the original NES right behind it. There was just something so magical about taking it around and playing it wherever, with the Tetris theme constantly in the background.

I'll be sure to check your stuff out, thanks for looking me up!

Craig Collins said...

No bother at all, thanks for the a-followin'!

It was and is a superb little machine, I spent so much time on the likes of Zelda and the fiendish Bart. vs. The Juggernauts!

Love that 'polish my walrus' gag by the way!