Thursday, April 01, 2010

doodles out tha wazzoo!!

Well after quite the long absence my sketchbook is back! I've been working on more projects than I can even keep track of, but I still find time to doodle. These pages were mostly drawn either at work or waiting at the eye doctor, in case you were wondering.


Chris Houghton said...

How do you do it?!!?!

duffyallen said...

Yeah, these are some great sketches.
I'm not worthy!
I'm not worthy! :p

David DeGrand said...

Thanks guys!

Chris, why are you asking me how I do it when you crank out Reed Gunther comics and illustrations and Heeby Jeeby comics like a machine?! I want to know YOUR secret :)

Thanks duffyallen! You're worthy, you're worthy!

Bob Flynn said...

Man, looking at these reminded me I've been bad about my sketchbook, too. Really bizarro tree people in this one. I wouldn't mind living in your sketchbook for a day—but just a day. Then I'd need to come back.

Jason Curtis said...

A beautifully ugly cast of characters David!

Justin said...

Just when things can't get any weirder... !!! :)

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