Thursday, October 01, 2009

new sketchbook pages

Well after disappearing for a whole month, my sketchbook returns to the internet (huzzah!). After working a 40-50 hour a week job, getting artwork done for various gallery shows and working on a tv show (more on that later), I've sadly neglected my poor lil' blog. Hopefully I can post more often on October, Halloween always gets me inspired to draw weird ghosts and monsters.

I started doodling with a mechanical pencil again and forgot how much fun it was, I love using the blending stump to add quick shading.

The fellow on the left page is proclaiming one of the things I hate to hear people say the most.
For some reason I scanned these pages in grayscale. Whatever.

The page on the left turned into a drawing I tried to get done for a gallery show but turned into one of those pieces that I couldn't belp but make more complex as I went along. Needless to say the finished drawing will be done by the time Obama leaves office.

Barfing cartoon characters, hilarious during any occasion.

My attempt at drawing some sort of Dick Tracy inspired gangster on the left. And then more weird stuff.

Well if I don't get anything else posted for ANOTHER month, everyone have a fun Halloween and don't forget to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", my absolute favorite holiday cartoon. Thanks for lookin' folks!


WIL BRANCA said...

Great to see more stuff, David!

Happy October to ya'!

Bob Flynn said...

Feels good to get the latest dose of sketchbook doodles from you, David. I'm still amazed by how much you can fit on a spread. I like the heads on the pillars with the characters coming out of their heads. HAAALP!

David DeGrand said...

Hey Wil, thanks very much!

Heya Bob, thanks a lot man! Yeah the heads on the pillars was a weird idea that I just ran with, I'll post the finished inked drawing as soon as it's colored. Thanks again!

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