Thursday, February 05, 2009

STUCK on you!

Howdy folks! In my ongoing quest to plaster my name and idiot images onto every surface I can find, I offer my brand new sticker! They are free for the asking, just drop me a line at with your shipping address (don't worry, I'm not a serial killer) and I'll get one out to you. If there are any other artists out there with stickers that want to trade then by all means let me know, I will plaster your image in the highest travelled area in Fort Worth, Texas (or wherever is most convenient at the time). I also have plenty of my old sticker left (below) that I will throw in as well, as long as you promise to stick it in an obnoxious place that will irritate at least one guy that wears a tie to work everyday!


this Just in said...

I can always use more DeGrandLand stickers if you feel like sending me some! :D're new one has optic-teasing Benday dots! I like the that his drooly tongue coming out or his soul?

David DeGrand said...

Hey Justin! Of course one will be on its way (as soon as they arrive from the printers, there was a delay), I should still have your address somewhere. I thought the Benday dots would grab the eyes from a distance, so hopefully they'll come out OK. And the thing coming out his mouth is a drippy ghost, but I like your idea of a giant happy tongue better!

Anonymous said...

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