Monday, October 22, 2007

Newest pages o' Wackiness!

Wow, 2 posts in October?!? How did I find the time?! Anyway, this being Halloween month I've been doodling more monsters and stuff than usual, this page being especially gory. The guy on the bottom left may find his way into a painting some day.
Watching old Fleischer and Van Beuren cartoons never fails to get my doodlin' hands busy. I drew these pages after watching "Somewhere in Dreamland", an awesome Fleischer cartoon where two little kids are starving to death so they dream about going to a fantastic candy and sweets filled fantasy land, only to wake up to discover they're still poor. It was made around the depression and all.
I'm really proud of the Japanese lookin' monster in the middle of the right page, he came out better than I thought he would. Those crazy Japanese and their monsters.


this Just in said...

Sorry I've been absent in the blogging world, but I moved and then got a tidal wave of freelance work. I'm slowly making my way back. Just want to pop in and say my usual, "lovin' it!" But seriously, I am loving it. That Japanese inspired monster is one of my favs too. And "Well this ain't good!" cracked me UP!!!

David DeGrand said...

Hey Justin, I was starting to wonder where you took off to! Thanks for the comments as usual, I did a ink and wash drawing of the "This ain't good" guy that turned out pretty well, I'll try and remember to post it in the future.

this Just in said...

Definitely post it!!! I wanna see! I wanna see!

Oh, and sorry I've been lame-o with the blog-o lately. I'll be back.

this Just in said...
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