Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the little sketchbook that could

I'm thinking about turning "The What Bus" image into a large painting, but chances are I won't.
After getting the awesome "Terr'ble Thompson" book by Gene Deitch, I tried drawing some of the characters and realized he is a cartooning god among mere mortals.

More melting snowmen and dripping snot. What's wrong with me?
I bought a vintage Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters figure on ebay and the blue guy on the left was born.
Lots of happy people on these pages despite the guy on the right side of the left page wanting to die.
Trying to draw more Gene Deitch characters and, of course, more dripping stuff.
Vomit! And Lard Nuggets! Seriously, what's wrong with me?!?!


Jazzy Justin said...

Nothing is wrong with you!!! There's an audience for melting snowmen and snot dripping blobs and lard nuggets and things like the "what bus". I hope more people head over to your blog because the sketches are so entertaining. Seriously, your sketches make me crack up. You've been very busy knockin' these out...and you have the craziest sense of humor, right up there with John K, but more clever and unusual I think.

I've got to get that Gene Deitch book, too. I adore his line quality and shapes. Have you ever seen Jim Flora's work? You might enjoy it, too.

Sorry my blog hasn't had much in the way of drawing lately, but I plan to post something fun and wacky soon...

BTW...that wooden log man with all the nails covering him...is brilliant/sick!

David DeGrand said...

Hey, thanks for all the compliments man! It really means a lot coming from an incredible artist such as yourself. It's funny you mention Jim Flora because I got a book of his work not too long ago and LOVE IT!! Truly amazing and inspiring. It would be great to see something from your sketchbooks sometime on your blog (not that I'm telling you what to do or anything!). Thanks again for your comments!

Jazzy Justin said...

Dude, "The What Bus" has gotta be a painting!

And thanks for the comments on Betty. I'd LOVE to see you do your version of Mrs. Boop!!!

Chris Warren said...


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James Mekilo said...

you have a great use of shadding in these drawings, what kinda pencils do you use?