Sunday, January 24, 2010

computer desk doodle

My home computer is brain numbingly slow, so I doodle on a piece of scrap paper while I wait for programs to load. After a few days, it looks like this. I thought it was interesting and decided to post. Also, go check out my latest epic for Heeby Jeeby Comix. I think we all agree it's by far the most disgusting post yet.


Jason Curtis said...

My computer is brain numbingly fast...but I don't want to rub it in.

Anyway, at least you're doing something constructive while you wait, rather than picking the fluff out from between your toes for example.

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Henry said...

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kamagra said...

wow haha right now i use 6 gb of ram, which is enough for what i do, i like to make stuff in my pc, but i don't like pc's hahaha