Wednesday, April 01, 2009

and we're back!

Well, the wife and I are about 75% moved into the new house. Still have a lot to unpack (including the art table and all my drawing supplies), but I finally got the computer hooked up with internet, so I can bring you awesome folks some new stupid doodles!

Another collection of miserable sweating souls. Perhaps I am subconciously doodling the damned?

I was looking through some old book of Renaissance woodcuts and saw these dudes wearing these funky cone shaped hats. I really liked the look of them and started putting them on my weirdos. A new fashion trend will surely begin soon.

You folks just TRY and find another sketchblog with Batman and Gumby on the same spread!
If any artists out there are interested in doing an art trade with me, please e-mail me at to set up the details. I recently did one with the awesome Chris Houghton (check out the art we traded on his blog here: Basically you'll get an original drawing of mine in exchange for one from you, cool huh? Hope to hear from some folks!


Jason Curtis said...

Holy crap cakes, I'm excited!

I don't have time to procrastinate right now (damn!) but I'm definitely scheduling time tomorrow to digest all these yummy new sketches.

Glad to hear you're settling into the new house by the way David.

Jason Curtis said...

One question for you David...what is your pen of choice for sketching in your Moleskin?

I'm a bit of a pen fanatic myself, and I'm very loyal to my beloved Pilot G-Tec-C4 and Pilot V5 pens for doodling.


David DeGrand said...

Hey Jason, thanks for the awesome comments, you are too kind sir! I used to use the Pilot V5 pens all the time for doodling until I started messing around with a plain ole' Bic ball point pen. I love doodling with them because you almost get the shading qualities of a pencil but can still get dark lines like a pen. Looking forward to more cool stuff from you, interested at all in doing an art trade perhaps?

Jason Curtis said...

I too enjoy ball point pens for the reasons you stated...and I've been using them more and more lately.

Anyway, an art trade sounds nifty David. I'd LOVE to have an original piece of yours!

...I'll email you for details.

Gina said...

Really cool stuff, I just love your edgy style and the creative things you come up with, cone hats are a divine inspiration!

David DeGrand said...

Thanks Gina!

brandi milne said...

Good Lord, you should make a book!!