Friday, December 07, 2007

oodles o' doodles!!

I got a whole slew of new stuff for you fine folks, think of it as an early Christmas present (man that's lame!) As you can see on this page I started to break away from the ball point pen and started practicing with some drawing pens to get better with inking my final pieces. I still can't seem to help drawing sweaty people though.
Here's a not so successful attempt to add tones with the ballpoint to an inked drawing, at least I tried! Santa is sure fun to draw though.

Another take on Santa and some more practicing, I think I'm getting better at it, I dunno.
I meet Angus Oblong, creator of the cartoon show "The Oblongs" at Wizard World Texas a few weeks back. He was a really awesome guy and I had him draw one of his characters in my sketch book, I liked that he's "reacting" to my artwork!

My attempt at drawing a Peter Bagge character as well as a t-shirt design on the right page. If I had that shirt made would any of you guys wear it? Be honest!!
More sweat, more stubble, more ghosts, more barf.

More of the same, the guy saying "bleh" is reflecting my state of mind at the time I drew this page, the holidays get me down sometimes.

I was thinking about a new comic book series about baby versions of famous comic characters and "Baby Magneto" at the top of the page was born. Like many ideas I have I drew the one character and lost interest. Oh well. In case I don't post again until after the holidays I'll just go ahead and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Bob Flynn said...

Hey David, your work is great, too! We definitely share the same influences. Amazing sketchbook sure know how to fill up a page. I think you'd really dig Felix Diaz's work. I work on a Spanish comic mag with him. Anyway, thanks again...keep cranking out the fun doodles!

this just in said...

"More sweat, more stubble, more ghosts, more barf."

HA! Your stuff is rich, man. I dig your assessment above. As always, you keep squeezing out one awesome sweaty character after another. You should like, draw one new character every morning on a small, small canvas, and then after a year, hang them all together on a wall for one BIG show! I would die seeing an exhibit like that. You've got enough little gems of weird ideas to compile together like that.

I totally know what you mean about drawing one character and then losing interest in an idea. I feel like I do that all the time too. I can tell you have too many cool ideas to get tethered to one for too long.

Great IMing the other day, by the way.

Oh, one more thing, that spazzy menacing cloud above the men in a barrel is awesome.

David DeGrand said...

Thanks Justin! Yeah it was great IMing the other day, we'll have to do it again. That's a good idea about putting one character a day on a canvas, now to see if I'm disciplined enough to pull that off! Thanks again for all the nice comments, you're the best! Now get to work and let's see some art!!

this just in said...

Dude! Check out my holiday cards! Hey, if you want one, drop me your address again. My ichat program is all screwed up so I'm not on it right now, but let me know! Happy Holidays!

piero said...

I like your drawings,they are appealing also to an european eye, you have talent. keep on!

piero said...
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Mukpuddy said...

Love your blog dude, your work is insane!!!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Wow, these pages are great. They are full of super funny cartoons. Awesome, keep it up.