Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Sketchbook! Huzzah!!

Well, after neglecting the 'ole blog for a few weeks now I finally got around to getting a new Moleskine sketchbook and started filling up the pages like I love to do. I plan on drawing on EVERY SINGLE page in this book, including the front and back inside covers. Hey, I want to get my money's worth! I drew these first few pages after reading some old obscure comic strips and watching some old Fleischer cartoons, a deadly combo.
The left page has my character King Frankenzilla from a comic anthology I'm working on with all the guys from, look for it at conventions soon!
Decapitated heads, dripping goo, zombies, the usual.
Someone mentioned to me that the four heads on the bottom right page showed up in a dream they had the next night. I can't imagine what the dream was like, but I doubt it was pleasant.


this Just in said...

Thanks for the comment on my strip! I am DEFINITELY keeping the turd as a reoccurring character. I want part of the strip to have a total "gross-out factor"...but in a cute way, of course.

So wow...yer stuff showed up in someone's dream! That's awesome. A good sign that your art has a lasting impact...even if it terrifies people as they dream at night! YES. I wish I could dream in DeGrandland. I would pay to.

Anyway, you are definitely getting your money's worth with those moleskins! Incredible...the way you fill those pages so fast. Really, each of these spreads could be an art piece if you wanted it to. OR WALLPAPER! I've always loved drawings you can look at over and over again, and notice new details each time. You know I love your subject matter too. The heads being ripped off are hilarious, especially since some of them already have daggers stuck in them! I had one of your moleskins enlarged on my monitor at work (for a closer look) and several coworkers stopped and commented. They all loved it!

David DeGrand said...

Whoa, that's awesome!! Thanks for the free advertising!! Once again it's always awesome to read your comments, thanks buddy. I can't wait for more turd, unicorn, robot comics (now THAT'S an ensemble!)

Dan Thompson said...

New Sketchbook! beautiful

this Just in said...

Give us some more! We miss it!