Tuesday, July 31, 2007

sketches galore!!

I'm getting to the end of my Moleskin sketchbook, but don't worry! I have a new one waiting to be filled, so get ready for more sketchbook zaniness! For this page I broke out the colored pencils again.
This page has some Harvey Kurtzman characters from his Hey Look! comic strip, he has provided me with endless inspiration.
I really can't think of what to say about this page other than I like my Godzilla caricature on the bottom right.
I'm thinking "Zombie Tree" (on the left page) will be my next painting.
I think I captured Barney Rubble pretty well, those Ed Benedict characters are harder to draw than they look.
Drawing from some more Gene Deitch drawings, that guy's style makes me drool with envy.
I'm obviously trying to cram in as many drawings as possible in these last few pages, I hate wasting paper.
That goat has a seriously messed up leg, not sure what happened.
Batman makes an appearance.


Jazzy Justin said...

Awesome!!! I love the Zombie Tree! That'll make a great painting. As always, I totally enjoy clicking on each of your moleskin spreads to enlarge them so I can examine all the little details. You really know how to pack a page full of good stuff. Great great great things lurking in these pages!

Also, thanks for the comments...although I have no idea what you mean when you wrote "I have a lot to learn from Justin". You're kidding, right!??

David DeGrand said...

I'm dead serious man, your illustrations are perfectly designed little pieces of art. I really envy the amazing way you use color and how you compose your drawings, I truly feel you are a better artist than I am, and I don't want any more arguing about it! ADMIT YOU'RE AWESOME!!! And oh yeah, thanks for the comments as always!

Kei Phillips said...

omg i want your hands to draw with! lol fantastic sketches, my eyes are very happy! :D

great blog

Kei Phillips said...

:D i think i will link you so i can come back and admire your work some more! :D