Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hey look, more sketches!!!

Colored pencils: just like regular pencils, but colored.
Must have been a late night, I can't remember drawing this page.
Trying to copy some Mary Blair drawings, but gave up and let the weirdness take over.
Snowmen just have to sing I guess.
Popeye is a damn hard bastard to draw.


Arschblog said...

I love your weirdness! Yes, Popeye is hard to draw but I think yours looks good!
I like the funny poodle in the first drawing very much!

Jazzy Justin said...

I'm totally diggin' that poodle, too.

Heck, all of it!

Funny that you've done Popeye drawings. I was recently commissioned to draw "outsider art" versions of Betty Boop!

Guz said...

Holy crap, man I just LOVE your style.